Why ‘Orange is the New Black’ is a new hit for Netflix

I watched ‘Orange is the new Black‘ mini series on Netflix this past week and was pleasantly surprised.

It wasn’t some regular same old same old prison show that just talks about men in prison trying to break out or men in prison trying to better themselves and right their wrongs. This was a series of women in prison.
Although it mostly follows a well privileged, college educated lady named Piper Chapman as the lead, this series goes into the other women’s stories as well. What lead to them getting into prison and even life within the prison.
Although I have never been to prison and don’t plan on it, I believe it explains what does go on in prison. What makes these ladies go crazy, what makes them thrive, and what makes them connected.

20130803-093237.jpgYou’ve got a lady trying to plan her wedding from the inside while she is secretly having sex with the meth head lesbian. You’ve got a track star that got into the wrong stuff and got caught. The Russian lady who runs the kitchen like the mafia. The African lady who is rumored to have killed someone but ran a sort of teen cleaning business. You have the holy art thou lady trying to save everyone. The lady who was once a man. The mother and daughter in jail. The uplifter. The lady who got out of prison only to be shut down by the own system that is supposed to help you out. The crazy eyes lady. And of course the lady who use to be Pipers love back in the day.

This makes for one crazy series. It’s not just tv. It’s a compelling fairly accurate portal of what goes on in the prison system. You’ve got women making a family in there. Women falling in love. Guards taking advantage of them or even falling in love with one of them.


I say Netflix has another hit on their hands. What these women have done is not just tell a story. I feel like it was real life situations and I was just looking in. So if you have Netflix go over and take a watch. You won’t regret it

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  1. Ty says:

    My husband and I discovered this watching Netflix one day and we wind up watching the entire season in two days…cant wait for it to start again.

    • rica says:

      I did too! It took me 2 days as well. It’s really a great mini series! And hope it continues! I’m going to try and get my boyfriend to watch it.

  1. August 6, 2013

    […] Why ‘Orange is the New Black’ is a new hit for Netflix (ricaelise.com) […]

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