What I’ve been rockin lately

So I’ve been rocking my twists and such lately these past couple of days. Besides washing my hair on wash days, I’ve been using hats to keep my hair under wraps. Its been doing well, and I like that I can just put on a hat and go (remember to keep some sort of satin or silk on under the hats to keep your hair from tangling up on the insides or coming out crazy fluffy). It helps too when I go to work out, less stress to deal with when I’m going to zumba. I also love to wear my headbands, I think that since I dont wear many accessories on my wrists or hands or neck, that my headbands and hair accessories speak to how I’m feeling that day. Its an extended expression of who I am. I love them!

photo 2


I am going to try rocking my scarves more and using them to do different hair styles.  Anyone have any good scarf styles out there?

Some inspirational natural hat wearers:

image_11167 nat11



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