Thanksgiving with family

It was a long time coming wasn’t it?
I was so excited to head back home for the thanksgiving weekend and spend time with my family and friends. All of us together in one area for a couple of days. I couldn’t have been happier!! Laughing with my parents, picking on them, ganging up on them with my sister. Great memories. I haven’t seen my sister and brother in law for a year so I was very happy to see them when I arrived from the airport with smiling faces.
I don’t know about anyone else out there, but every time I come home and my parents pick me up there is nothing better than seeing my dads big grinning face. That right there says it all. All relief and stress from the flight is gone because I am with them again. I love the hugs and kisses. I do miss them both and so grateful when I can visit.
Thanksgiving was full of cooking and no rest. Trying to get my mom to rest is out of the question but we do what we can to help her out.
She’s a busy lady and I just want her to rest sometimes!!
Anyways, thanksgiving topped off with the family, my best friend and her family, and my cousin and his family with my new baby cousin crawling along. Good food, so much food and seconds taste better than the first round! Love me some good thanksgiving food 🙂
I was so against the whole “Black Friday” sales on Thursday because it just messes with the actual holiday and it no longer became “Black Friday” it was just a big block in your thanksgiving day that wasn’t necessary.
However, I did go out and help as a ‘consultant’ to my friend who was shopping and had never gone on Black Friday. Ooh was that an eye opener for her! Haha but she got everything she needed on her list! 4 stores, 4 hours and we got everything she needed. I was surprised! It definitely felt like it should be later in the night though rather than 6 or 10pm at night.
Topped off the night with the family as we celebrated a mini Christmas as my sister and brother in law won’t be with us this Christmas. It was great! Laughter and smiles all around.

This is the thanksgiving I love. This is the time I love. Being with family and enjoying the time I have with them. Love you!!

Hope you all had a great thanksgiving!!

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  1. Kaye says:

    That is a great picture!!! Glad you were all able to get together!

  2. Edward Molet says:

    Wonderful cuz!! Everybody looks great! My uncle does not look his age at all.

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