Sleepy Hollow

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Can I just come out and say how much I love the new series Sleepy Hollow. We all know the story and the cartoon version and even the Johnny Deep real life version in the movies. But Fox TV has created a tv show that is telling the story that you never hear in the movies. The background that you never thought could be, and the characters that you thought never existed.  I am in love with Ichabod Crane and Abbie Mills together as a team.

They have a great chemistry on camera, and even though Ichabod is married I have high hopes that these two will hook up or something will happen. They are too close for it not.

I don’t think Sleepy Hollow is meant to be scary like the cartoon and movies. I think its purpose is to display Ichabod Crane and  get away from the story we all know. Its a new take on the scrawny and awkward looking Ichabod Crane and bringing into light a sexy british Ichabod who partners with a strong african american woman as his co-lead. Putting these two together to figure out all those weird supernatural questions we all have about death and the four horsemen, I believe that is what Sleepy Hollow is about. These two are a team that can’t be beat. It works well and I hope they can continue this story as long as possible.


ichabod-Crane-ichabod-crane-sleepy-hollow-tv-series-35759805-417-500I love this new twist on Ichabod Crane and him coming into the 21st century. If you haven’t seen it you should catch up now. I’ve almost come to think its a great history lesson for those who hate history because of how its been told and portrayed in the show. You learn a lot about the Revolutionary War, and Paul Revere- and his midnight ride, and even the freemasons. History upon history. And logical history!

The actor for Ichabod, Tom Mison is perfect! Where did this man come from? He portrays Ichabod in a way that I don’t believe anyone else has. The placement of putting a british man from 1781 into 2013 is amazing.  He was a former professor at Oxford University before he was enlisted into the war,  and was a spy for the patriots. He has to adjust to not only coming back from his “supposed” death but also function in the 21st century.  I wonder if he will where modern day clothes ever? That would be an interesting thing to see, although I do love his historical look 🙂  This past episode gave a smiling and laughable moments for that adjustment. Whoever is writing this script is pretty much my new hero.



Its something different, its taking a childhood story and turning it into a novel, a true story to tell. Don’t sleep on Sleepy Hollow. That headless horseman might come for you 😉




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