Seriously “Lost”and Confused

I know I’m late to the bandwagon of watching this show. However, I think it was a perfectly good time for me to watch it. I know I wouldn’t have been able to watch Lost when it was actually on air because I would have been so pissed waiting for this all!


I was so confused about the ending and went looking for answers. Even before I watched the finale season I was looking for answers, because I thought I knew what was going on and yet when it came down to it, I got confused in my own ways.


After reading through the Lostpedia, I could start to understand what was going on and what was really happening. I know now that they were in a sort of purgatory by being on the island. The people on the plane had things to do and figure out before they could “move on”. The plane crash did happen,  Those who were candidates to take over after Jacob were alone and lost. They were in need of something and in need of figuring out their problems before they could move on.

According to an article that explains lost a bit more, these people did have lives, and it only took them to finally “wake up” from their purgatory state in the real world to be able to move on in the afterlife. (still a bit confused about this whole time travel aspect of things and if this was their afterlife vision or their real life before the crash) Not going to think to hard about this one because I dont think it will ever be explained.

LostLockeJack-300x163Lost was a test, I believe. I don’t think any show I have ever watched has hit the subject of science and religion so hard! It was a test to see what and how people would react to these people, the island, the trials, and the changes.  Between Jack and John fighting constantly over power struggles you could really see the problems that are faced between what to believe. You have the doctor who believes in science alone and a man who was paralyzed before he got to the island believe in faith alone. It is true what John says, its hard to believe in things and its a true struggle for almost everyone. While I was watching this I honestly grew to be so annoyed with Jack! He would just not listen and he was so stubborn, he thought he knew everything and it made me mad that everyone looked to him for what to do. He didn’t want to believe in what was happening and he thought he was right.  I was always on Johns side because he just went with the flow of things. Even though he was fighting for answers and power at the same time, he always seemed to know that everything was going to be ok. Also, he was right on everything! Haha I know I was on the side of faith because I know that he was right and that you just need to stop fighting against it. Science is right but I believe you need faith to be a true scientist.

The numbers: 4-8-15-16-23-42. The numbers that relate to the “candidates” for Jacob, the numbers found on the hatch, the numbers that Hurley used for his lottery ticket and thought were cursed, the numbers found on Mr. Ecko’s stick, the numbers were fate. The numbers were perfect for the show because they carried so much weight. They worked, they haunted. They did what they needed to do.

The love connections were amazing I do have to say. I was so happy to see sawyer find someone that made him happy. That made him stop looking for the man that killed his parents, and let go and love. He found love with Juliet and it was amazing, it was so sad to see her die in his arms but at the same time so rewarding to see them together in the end and find each other. Jack and Kate, although they had never really gotten together on the island you could see their deep connection that kept them together and fighting for each other. They were meant to be, even if during their 3 years “off” the island didn’t work as planned, they were always meant to be. Jack was meant to be that rock for Kate and vise versa. He never judged her and he never asked her about her past. He loved her for her. NO matter what.

The brothers. Heaven and Hell. Blonde and black. Holy and Corrupt. Jacob and the Man in Black. I hated that they didnt give Jacobs brother a name. haha I was hoping for one but they never gave him one. He was a human at once. He was just too consumed in getting off the island and being free that he didn’t know how to get back to it. They both had flaws, they both had their rules. They were both trapped. I dont think the MIB saw that. He just knew that he wanted to get out and the only way to do that was to kill his brother and release the light. The heart of the Island.

Their constant: Desmond. Oh Desmond. who are you? Haha Desmond was their constant throughout the whole series. He was there in almost all situations and timelines. He was their with the numbers, he was there before they left the island, he was there after they time hop. He was there in the end. Desmond was their constant. They needed Desmond to “wake” them up from their purgatory and finally move on. Now why he decided to do it at that time I guess he just needed them all to finally let go and get on with their lives.

Ben Linus The man who sinned and was redeemed for his actions. Ben who was suppose to be doing all for the good of the island. For Jacob, to watch over the island and protect it from those who would want to harm it. In the end, once Ben’s daughter died, he changed. He had so much hate towards Jacob, he didn’t know why Jacob let his daughter die and so he jumped ship and went with the MIB. Just when you think Ben has changed and become one of the good guys after killing Jacob and repenting his sins, he goes back and kills someone. However, in the end, he still needs time to deal with his demons and his faults and is not ready to enter the church just yet.

LostFin4-300x200One can’t say the setting wasn’t perfect. Your purgatory is a beautiful island where you can make a home for yourself and live content. You can choose to battle out your demons and eventually move on or stay in purgatory where you know everything is just ok. Like Rose and her husband, Bernard. They chose to stay on the island and build a house, and not get into anyone elses business. They moved on with everyone else in the church as well, it didn’t show that they had been woke-up, and I believe its because they had already figured out and made their peace. They were just waiting on the rest of them.




Anyways. I got a lot of my questions answered while researching and watching. In the End I think there are still a lot of loose ends and I believe its better that way. Because really, is the whole debate about science and faith ever going to go away? Are we really going to know what it truly is like in purgatory? What is good and evil? Do we all end up on this “Island” if we have some issues to figure out first?

One of lifes greatest mysteries. I loved every moment of Lost. No matter how lost and confused I got throughout it all. It made you think and thats what I loved most.



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