Natural Hair and Travel

Have you ever traveled with natural hair? It’s a whole new packing experience separate from your clothes. You end up having to do more research about the weather and such for you hair rather than for your clothes!!
Traveling with natural hair can be difficult and challenging at times, however it doesn’t have to be a torture session. You can do it!



I’ve gone on weekend trips and week trips with my natural hair, each new environment has a different reaction to how my hair is goin to act that day. Learn and adapt. That’s all you can do.


Pack small sizes of your hair products, Bobbie pins, and headbands. Depending on the length of your stay you can get away with a lot more. However, I believe less is more. Your on vacation! Don’t worry too much about your hair, because you know it has a mind of its own. Sometimes you just gotta let it go!!


Set in motion before you leave if you should wash it and condition it before. Set a protective hair style that will last at least 3 days so you dint have to worry about carrying too many products. It’s easy to have a plan before your trip. Makes for a less stressful and hectic environment. Meaning your hair.


Last but not least, have fun!!! Travel to your hearts desire. Is going to be a fun and exciting road.




How do you travel with your natural hair?


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