Does hair type really matter?

I see this type of headline almost once a month. What is my hair type? And does it really matter? I have not gotten into that whole what is my curl pattern and probably never will. One because all hair is different, and your head could be made up of different curl patterns so if one curl type is saying this while the other is saying that it gets a bit complicated on what products work for your hair. Does the hair type test go for when your hair is wet or when its dry? I’ve heard wet, I’m not sure whats going on.
I think naturals out there get too caught up in their curl pattern and don’t focus on how their hair reacts to different products. That is the most important part in my book. How my hair reacts to the products and how can I keep it moisturized.

From the article, and this article is more in depth as far as how to maintain your hair determined by your type. To be honest who knows. I know I’m biased on this front, but I just don’t believe that one person has the same type of hair throughout their whole head. Sometimes it can be a 4A or 4B.

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Do you care about your curl pattern? or do you just go with the flow?

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