Dear White People: Finally!

Dear White People. I have been waiting and wanting to see this since I went to Sundance earlier this year. I tried 3x to see it there! And every time it was sold out and/or I never got in because of all those ticket holders. You would think I would have a one up on watching this, right? Well I didn’t.  Well the movie is finally coming out Oct. 17!! I feel like I’ve been waiting a year, when I was so close to seeing it first! But anyways, for those who haven’t heard about Dear White People check out the trailer. Its a satire about being black in a white place. Can’t wait to see it! But ya know, its so true and yet more emphasized on what we see as a black community and what we go through. Its a satire. So don’t take it seriously. But at the same time do.

I love the line: “The minimum requirement of black friends to not seem racist has just been raised to two. Sorry. But your weed man, Tyron does not count.”

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  1. mommolet says:

    Watched the trailer will have to see this

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