Dan Brown’s Inferno Review


I can’t believe I didn’t write about Dan Brown’s Inferno! Maybe because I read it so fast and just spaced out. So my bad for not doing a review on the Inferno. What can  I say? What can I say? Dan Brown did it again.

Inferno: A Novel (Robert Langdon)

He brought me back to where I left my heart 2 years ago and have wanted to go back ever since. He made me realize I’ve missed a couple of important places to see in Italy as well! I have to go back! Florence, Italy. The Duomo, The Gates of Paradise (I seemed to have really overlooked this gate! But I did see it, just not in deep detail). I would love to have seen the death mask of Dante, as well as the Palazzo Vecchio. What wonders I could have seen! I was already overwhelmed by the Duomo and the David, it truly is hard to capture everything in a couple days visit.

Inferno starts you off a bit confused and overwhelmed just like the lead character, Robert Langdon. He is once again needed for his history in symbols and his substantial knowledge in all things Dante’s Inferno. I do have to admit, I have never had the chance to read The Divine Comedy: Dante’s Inferno fully. I’ve read bits and peaces and of course seen the artwork done by Botticelli, Map of Hell. Inferno takes you through a hunt to find the mystery of what could potentially ruin all man kind. It includes the World Health Organization(WHO), famous landmarks, famous works of art (Dante’s death mask, look it up, scary and crazy!), and a very brilliant, rich geneticist named Bertrand Zobrist. Langdon journeys to the Hagia Sofia as time is running out, and trys to locate the fatal device.

As I was reading this book, I was realizing that there really could be people out there who believe that the world is on the verge of overpopulation and that something needs to be done about it. Brown, takes you on a journey to discovery what truly could happen if scientists alike come together for a common cause to bring matters into their own hands. What could happen if someone couldn’t stop a potential disease from spreading the earth, and what could happen when one very powerful smart geneticist comes up with a virus to alter the world as we know it. Dante’s Inferno takes Langdon on a journey through classical art, secret passageways, and even science.

Take a journey into Dan Brown’s Inferno and see if Langdon can stop this potential disease before its too late.


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