Curlformers on short hair

I finally went out and tried myself some curlformers. I wanted to see now that my hair was a good enough length to try out one of the sizes on my current hair. It helps to know too what length my hair is at in order for the curls to turn out well.  So I went to the curlformers website and found the size that worked for me.I got the short corkscrew curls. They come in a 40 pack which is great for my small head. Once my hair gets to the length I want it I’ll be getting the spirals one to try out as well. I like curls, but sometimes I wish I could get more definition and volume from them. I’m sure it looks better on longer hair, but for me it works for the day when I wear them. So I follow the instructions and usually using a styling cream and a gel to seal. I’ll sleep in them overnight ( I know its a pain because these aren’t the most comfortable to sleep on. I tell ya). Then I’ll wake up and slide them off. The take down is amazing and I love how super easy it is to use these and be ready to go for the day in such a short amount of time.  I love how soft it makes my hair feel after I use it with my styling cream.

Have you tried curlformers? If so, what have been your results?

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