Co- Washes… Everyone does it right?

I’ve been a fan of co-washing lately. Especially when I workout it helps to build back that shine and protein that I lost during the work0ut or by the middle of the week. Co-washing just makes me feel good! I like to see my hair healthy and soft by the middle of the week. I use it to get ride of any product buildup that has happened during the week. Its also a good way to detangle your hair. Co-Washing is something I believe every natural should try out. Still keep with your regular routine and just add co-washing in the middle of the week or however many times you see fit to wash your hair. It can depend on climate change, weather, working out, special occasions. Its up to you to decide how you want to co-wash.

There are a lot of articles out their on co-washing and videos. Below are a list of my favorites that explain more on co-washing as well as what products you can use. Thank you ladies for your insight and help!



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How often do you co-wash? 

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