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The Bible: Part 3

Back for an update on The Bible! This week on The Bible its part 3 of 5 series on the History Channel. Titled “Hope” We start from where the Israelites...

The Bible on the History Channel 0

The Bible on the History Channel

So I hope my followers by now have heard about The Bible on the History Channel. If you have not its a 5 part series on of course, The Bible....


Volunteer Work

So I’ve been wanting to volunteer or do something where I can be active in the community again, because going back to school is not my option as of right...


Inspiration for today

Be “Inspired” today I woke up this morning on the happy side of the bed. I don’t know why for some reason, because I didn’t head to bed until 3am....


Making Dreams Happen

Saw this today on So true. I’m making my dreams come true. I’m making moves to get to where I want to be. So watch out world! I’m coming!

All-Star Weekend! 0

All-Star Weekend!

I swear, sometimes I believe I’m a boy at heart for how much I love to watch basketball and many other sports. Football has grown on me immensely and I...


E-books or the real thing?

Soo, I decided to go to barnes and noble last week and just walk around to remember when I could spend hours inside that place and just look for the right amount...


Happy Black History Month!

Happy February everyone! And happy Black History Month. I’m proud to be an African American, and an American. Enjoy the month of February! Hope its warmer than January. 🙂 Looking...