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A College Graduate 0

A College Graduate

Utah State University Graduate. BFA in Art & Design with an emphasis in Graphic Design and a minor in Business Management   Me the College Graduate!! I’m finished!!!! 

IM DONE!!!!!!!!! 1

IM DONE!!!!!!!!!

Ya I don’t know if I need to even say anything else. Except for: I’M DONE!!!!!!!!!!!! Next Saturday May 5th, 2012 I will become a graduate of USU in Art...

Made it through 0

Made it through

….another weekend. But this wasn’t just any other weekend. This was my BFA Exhibit weekend. This was the Logan Film Festival Weekend. This was the “fringe” design weekend. This was...

15 days in counting 0

15 days in counting

Holy Crap! I looked up at my post-it notes countdown and it shows 15 days are left!! 15 days till my final projects are due!! 15 days till I can...

33 days in counting 0

33 days in counting

As I’m sitting here about to start my homework I realize I have almost less than a month until I am done with school and about 5 weeks until I...

Last first week of college 0

Last first week of college

Well I made it through my last first week of college. Surprisingly…. I already stressed and it was only Tuesday!  Out of my 6 classes, I have 5 group projects...

2011 achievements and moments 0

2011 achievements and moments

2011 was a year of doing it BIG and making my own moments and decisions to better myself. Here is a list of my 2011 achievements and moments that got...

RoyaItaly 0


I created an apparel line for Business wear. Combining the Italian/American feel to it. Here is my Positioning Statement and below is the logo, apparel tag, and the homepage of...