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I’m a creative person. I love to express myself in subtle ways. Whether its my clothes or its my hair accessories. I’m all about being creative and doing what feels comfortable to me. Now, when that comes down to my hair and the work place its a bit different. I started my hair journey during my first real big girl job and wasn’t ashamed to do it. I started out with my straighten hair and then one day I came in with my curls. From them on I’ve had curly hair in the workplace.
20140609-230050-82850078.jpgNow, I may not have a corporate job and never been in that setting, that I have to wear dress suits and such, but I still have a high level of respect for those that do. I think its crazy that its still a debate out there about our hair and the corporate world. Why is it such a hard thing for people to accept? Why cant those women who make the big bucks, walk like a million, and have the tolerance to put up with those that are above them, have to deal with things like their own hair?  My hair is an extension of me and I’m proud of it. I’m also glad that I can be accepted and taken seriously with my natural hair. Its not all over the place, but some may think its crazy and not put together when my hair is straight. I beg to differ.

I’m a strong black woman, with hair to add. Its my natural hair and I will never try and fit into the norm of the natural straight hair, because thats not who I am. I love who I am with my hair and without my hair. I rock my natural hair and I’m so grateful that I can been in a position where I wont be looked down upon just because of my hair style. I say if you can rock your natural hair, do it, because it shouldn’t hinder your job performance, let alone your job environment by being a distraction. You keep it healthy, and neat, than you have no problem. Our hair should not be an issue, and yet it still is, no matter the playing field. Why? What can we do to change the worlds perception on our natural hair?



How do you rock your hair in the professional world?


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