Breaking Bad – Heisenberg will live!

As you know Breaking Bad likes to show a short clip of what is to come at the end of the season finale. In Breaking Bad form, last week started up the last 8 episodes of the series finale! No more breaking bad after this!  Its sad. Seeing as how I got caught up on Netflix I was late to the game however I am an avid fan of it and make time to watch the finale 8 every Sunday night.


I loved the opening clip. It also got me thinking of so many questions and what is really going to happen in these finale 8.


Does Walter get off of the chemo or is his cancer gone? We see him with a beard and fully grown out hair. Then we see his house all messed up and tagged, the pool no longer a pool but a skate park, ‘Heisenberg’ written across the wall and so much more. It looks like the house hasn’t been lived in for a couple of months.  His neighbor is scared of him and just so much more unanswered questions!

Even after 2 episodes I still don’t know what is going to happen. After his brother-in-law finds out that Walt is who he is and who he has been going after its hard to see a family get torn apart. But damn, can I just say that last line in the first episode by Walter to his brother-in-law, “Tread lightly”!! He is not afraid of anything or anyone! What can you expect from someone who has killed so many to get where he is today? Look where he started and look where he is now.

I was debating this conversation with one of my co-workers and if Walt should get away with his crimes or if he should get caught and serve his time. In my opinion he should get away with his crimes. I mean, who can pull off all of these killings, going through cancer, lying to his family, working from right underneath his brother-in-laws nose (who is the DEA agent looking for said “Heisenberg”), getting his wife involved, setting up a way to make the money to hide the money, and just all out badass done by Walter. How can he not get away with it?! He is the ultimate. He is crazy and yet smart, a use-to-be-highschool-science-teacher-turned-meth-drug-lord. Best title ever! I think he should get away with it, while my co-worker believes he shouldn’t. I guess we shall see! 6 more episodes left! I can’t believe it’s almost the end.

Breaking Bad, you are one for the books.


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