And so the journey continues…

While I search and continue to look. I take the time to better myself. To continue my skills, to practice, and to learn. It’s best to keep yourself active in your skills while waiting and I think it helps to keep my sane. So I take 3-4 hours out of my day to learn, to practice, and to better myself. Keep myself on my toes 🙂

I’m trying to figure out what makes me unique. What makes me stand out and what makes me happy. What can I do to make my work better and what can I do to add something unique to my designs? To the websites I build or the graphics that I make? I’m looking for that thing. I know it will one day come to me, but also know I have to be willing to receive it and to understand it.

I’m challenging myself to do what makes me happy to take time to do that and to find out exactly what it is. I know what makes me happy is the designs and work I do and maybe that is the main thing but I do believe that other such arts and crafts make me happy as well.

The journey I am on is continuing and I can’t wait to see where the road leads me.


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